Diesel Gains with Bully Dog’s Performance DPF

We love big ol’ diesel trucks. We love clean, breathable air. Unfortunately, the two are not often spoken of in the same breath.  If you’re a diesel-owning, US law abiding citizen (and we sure hope you are) you have a diesel particulate filter (DPF) on your truck.  Emission regulations require them on all diesel vehicles driven on-road.  Delete kits are available, but they’re designed for off-road use only.  Getting caught on the street without a DPF means a hefty fine.  It’s a point of contention for diesel owners, but hey, that’s the law.  For more info on DPF do’s and don’ts, Chux Trux has a nice write-up on the topic.  Thankfully, Bully Dog Performance designed a no-brainer solution. Bolt on a Bully Dog performance replacement DPF to your Ford or RAM for a sweet (and legal) boost in power!

DPF clogs are an all-too-frequent nightmare for diesel owners.  Maintenance takes a good chunk of time, and more often than not, the filter requires cutting to clean.  It’s a mess, but if you’re a Cummins or PowerStroke diesel owner, you already know that.

Bully Dog DPF RAM
Ford 6.4L, PN#: 70000 Dodge 6.7L, PN#: 70020

The Bully Dog performance DPF has a larger body coupled with an advanced internal coating. The design increases airflow up to 21%, reduces exhaust gas temperature by up to 12%, and reduces backpressure by up to 44%. More flow means more power and less regen. The performance DPF comes to market with the DIY mindset. Cutting and welding are not required to get to the filter. All you have to do is pop off a couple of bolts and remove the V-Clamps to drop the filter. Perform a quick power wash, and you have a clean filter ready for use.

Important Product Features:

  • Designed to produce measurable performance gains over stock, all while remaining emissions compliant
  • An advanced, proprietary internal coating coupled with a significantly larger body achieves less restriction than OEM filters
  • Achieves greater flow with the performance DPF alone, or pair with a Bully Dog custom tune for max gains
  • Features innovative construction including v-band clamps that allow easy access and hassle-free serviceability
  • Stainless body and polished stainless steel heat shield keep the DPF protected and looking great
  • Slower soot accumulation and faster-igniting particulate matter means fewer regens and consistent power between each regen
  • Limited 2-year warranty


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