Brand Spotlight: Wrap-It Storage Straps Keep You Tangle-Free

You can tell a lot about a person from the state of their garage. We’re not talking hobbies and interests—that’s usually obvious. We mean the good stuff. The nitty gritty. The “how-would-the-Criminal-Minds-team-describe-you-as-an-unsub kind of stuff.” Are you a cheerful extrovert with boxes of family photos, colorful knickknacks, and your kid’s old Halloween costumes? Or are you the quiet, tinker away type, with dedicated sections of the garage neatly labeled for tools and holiday lights? Whatever your organizational needs, we guarantee this: Wrap-It Storage has a product to help you keep it all organized and easy-to-find. Because why should your messy garage say anything other than what you tell it to?

Tell Me More!

A simple and professional solution, Wrap-It Storage provides a variety of heavy-duty and “stretchy” storage straps for tackling unwanted clutter. Every strap is made out of 900 denier ballistic nylon, an industrial-strength hook and loop, and a metal grommet for hanging. That means everything from the garden hose to your ski rope can be instantly organized and secured to a peg for easy access and use.

Available in single- and multi-pack configurations, Wrap-It Storage Straps make sure you’re armed and ready to handle the toughest jobs. What’s more, Wrap-It Storage products are offered at an excellent price point, so you enjoy quality at great affordability.

That’s Not All!

But Wrap-It Storage Straps are handy for more than just household organization. Use them on your next RV or camping trip! “Use Wrap-It Storage Straps to organize extension cords, water line hoses, cords on appliances, tie-down straps, etc… So when you need to use them, they won’t be a tangled mess,” said founder and president, Jim Broshat. No one wants to be that person holding up the RV dump as they untangle a sewer hose. Especially when they could have regaled the campsite with their organizational prowess for less than $10!

And while you’re cleaning up the garage and prepping the RV, why not pick up a pack of storage straps for the car as well? Great for jumper cables, tow ropes, or even just audio cables and phone chargers, Wrap-It Storage has what’s needed to keep you organized and on the road. Throw a few in that car emergency kit you just picked up! You never know when one might come in handy.

With overwhelmingly positive reviews and availability at several national retailers as well as through NTP-STAG dealers—what are you waiting for? Wrap it and “get untangled” today!

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