Believe The Hype – WESTIN HyperQ LED

LED cube lights are the Obligatory accessory for the off-roader, or those that wish to look like one that off-roads.

adjective  oblig·a·to·ry  \ ə-ˈbli-gə-ˌtȯr-ē  
1binding in law or conscience 
2relating to or enforcing an obligation 
3mandatory, required
I find that Obligations can be a bit of a pain. If I am obligated to do or purchase something , I’d like it to not cost a fortune. I’d also prefer it be fashionable and work very well.  Westin Automotive’s new HyperQ LED Cube Kit helps you meet your off-road obligations, and leaves more money to fuel trail rides.

HyperQ LED Cube Auxiliary Lights

All LED cube lights are not created equally. Sure the form factor is similar among various manufacturers, but it pays to look at the specifications to truly know how your new lights might perform.  Westin’s new HyperQ cubes have 5 Watt Cree LEDs (4 per unit).  Many cube LED lights have just 3 watts/LED, so HyperQ can create more output with the 5 Watt chips.


Many times when price is a concern, performance and features get sacrificed. With the HyperQ LED cube lights, you can truly have it all. The kit comes complete with mounting hardware and a fully terminated wiring harness.  The wiring harness includes a relay and a switch, as well as a matched blade fuse.  Installation is as simple as making connections to your battery and finding a spot inside the cabin for your switch.  Simply route the terminated switch wires through your firewall to the switch. Place the fuse in the waterproof fuse holder, and “let there be light!”

What’s In A Name

Westin has long been one of the leading brands in Truck and SUV accessories. Recently they have solidified their reputation as a bona fide player in off-road.  Their Snyper brand of Jeep® accessories and the Jeep builds they have crafted to represent the brand are no joke.  Westin overbuilds their LEDs and gives many like the HyperQ have a lifetime-warranty.

Check out this cool video of the Westin Snyper Jeep doin’ it’s thing.

LED Cube Lights


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