BAK’s NEW Vortrak Retractable Tonneau Cover

BAK Industries makes some stellar tonneau covers.  The Bak Industries MX4 and Bak Industries Revolver X2 tonneaus are exquisite pieces of engineering.  But in this writer’s humble opinion, retractable tonneaus are the king of bed covers.  Sure hard folding tonneaus are reliable and sturdy, and rolling covers are simple and rather inexpensive, but if they’re done right, retractable covers trump them both in looks and performance.  Retractable offerings from the likes of Roll-N-Lock, Retrax, and Pace Edwards are popular picks because they provide the rigidity of a folding tonneau with the versatility of a soft-rolling cover.  But if there is one knock on the category, it’s the cannister that houses these covers.  In many cases, it just takes up a bit too much bed real estate for some folks.  Well the engineers at BAK were listening; introducing the NEW BAK Vortrak Retractable Bed Cover!

Innovation: Front to BAK

The Vortrak retractable truck bed cover by BAK is constructed of ½” thick aluminum slats that easily glide along heavy-duty aluminum rails that mount flush with the truck bed caps, providing a sleek, low-profile look. When fully retracted, the system neatly stows into a space-saving, spring-loaded canister, and can be pulled out quickly and easily with the included strap.

In addition to the fully opened and closed positions, the Vortrak can be locked into place in two additional locations of your choice. The Vortrak can be installed easily without the use of a drill or special tools, is Made in the USA and comes backed by a 2-year warranty. BAK warrants your Vortrak retractable truck bed cover to be structurally free from defects in material and workmanship for 2 Year Limited Warranty period from the retail date of purchase.  So rest assured, BAK has your BACK.

BAK sees each one of their tonneaus for what they really are–a highly functional piece of art.  It’s no wonder why over ONE MILLION BAK COVERS are on the road today

VORTRAK Features:

  • Stylish Matte Finish
  • 1/2″ Thick Aluminum Slats
  • Rolls up into Spring-Loaded Canister
  • Two Additional Locking Positions along the rail
  • Simple Release Cables Open the Cover from Either Side


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