Automatic Headlights Switch from Intellitronix

There are many reasons to drive an older vehicle. You may love a body style that has since changed. You might want a color that has been phased out. Or you may just love the price.  Whatever the reason, older vehicle drivers don’t get the perks of some of the great new technologies found in newer cars and trucks. Automatic headlights are one such perk. Who reading this hasn’t killed their battery because they forgot to turn off their headlights. And who wants to risk being shot at as part of a gang initiation for flashing our headlights at that car driving with them off (what? that’s an urban legend?). Intellitronix has come to our rescue, bringing automatic headlights to just about any vehicle.

Automatic Headlights : Modern Luxury

Intellitronix has been brining the modern look and function of LED dash and gauge kits to the automotive aftermarket for some time now.  The new Automatic Headlight Switch demonstrates their commitment to being a diverse innovator.  The “switch”, part number HL10001, includes a single pre-wired switch box, a pre-wired light sensor and a mounting kit.

The switch box even includes a wiper connection to automatically turn on your headlights when you initiate your wipers. Some states require the use of headlights when wipers are in use.  The box can even be wired to trigger auxiliary or off-road lights instead.  The beauty of this product is that now you can have the joy of your older car, and still have some cutting-edge modern technology.

Lights On At Dusk

The ambient light sensor will trigger the headlights when lighting outside reaches “dusk” levels.  The state-of-the-art microprocessor and sensor are designed to work with any vehicle regardless of age.  Contact your local automotive aftermarket specialist to find out if they have access to Intellitronix product. With your new automatic headlight switch you’ll stay out of danger, in your 1980 Ford Ranger.



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