Auto Industry News: Lost & Found, Ford Fumbles, Big Build, & EV Tax Credit

In this week’s auto industry news, a cold case enters lost and found status, Ford gets wrapped up in the headlines, Land Rover fans snub the spy shots, a 2003 Chevy Suburban is given new life, and EV faithful are left to wonder if that big tax credit will soon evaporate. 

Cold Cased Closed: Lost and Found Porsche 924

TRIGGER WARNING for anyone named Jerry Seinfeld, or any classic car lover for that matter – graphic content. In a bizarre turn of events, an Oregon man walking his dog came across a now lost and found ’79 Porsche 924 flipped over at the bottom of a ravine. The car was totaled and no sign of human life (or death) was anywhere in sight. Even stranger is that the Porsche had been reported stolen 27 years prior. Police in Jackson County, Oregon said that forest debris indicated the vehicle had been there for quite some time. But that probably pales in comparison to its owner. After all, he had to endure the near three-decade mental hell that was not driving this former beauty.

What A Weird Time For Ford

The juggernaut Ford Motor Company took two steps back this week, to put things lightly. First, the company had to recall 177,000 2016 F-150s and Explorers. The recall stems from loose bolt-in sliding mechanism for the front passenger seat. Apparently, this defect can cause the seat to move during a crash, which presents obvious safety concerns. According to Car and Driver, Ford dealers will check the torque applied to the “upper pivot link bolt.” They’ll then remove it, clean it, coat it with adhesive, and bolt it back. Other than that, the NHTSA has no additional information at this time.

Ford is also reportedly suing WWE superstar John Cena because the wrestler is said to have flipped his GT. This is especially awkward, considering Cena only recently posted a video of himself on his YouTube channel, giggling with excitement upon receiving the vehicle. Yikes. Don’t get FU’d, Ford.

Land Rover Spied

Autoblog continues this week’s melancholy news with recently-posted spy photos of a new Land Rover. What’s sad about a the return of a beloved vehicle platform? It seems like super fans are hot and bothered. The suspected mule looks to have a shorter wheelbase and, according to company officials, will have no semblance of the Defender concept 100. However, it does emulate the Series One with a more modern powertrain and independent rear suspension. Land Rover faithful may be jumping the gun with their critiques, but it’s safe to say that they don’t want another Discovery companion piece.

2003 Chevy Suburban Build

At least there’s one SUV that has admirers tickled pink. Jordan Volek transformed a 2003 Chevy Suburban, typically known as an every man’s transport vehicle, into a super capable, super lifted, off-road trailblazer. The Suburban (redubbed the Dura Yacht) initially had a 6.0L V8, but Jordan and friends helping with the project decided to go big or go home. So, they located and purchased (for a reasonable price) a Duramax LB7 stripped from a 2001 HD longbed farm truck. They went with a K&N air filter and 133-percent fuel injectors. Then, after a month of working to properly rebuild the frame and wrestling with troublesome electronics, they finally got to have a little fun. They lifted the Yacht 8 inches and sat it on 37″ Atturo Trail Blade M/Ts wrapped in 20-inch Hostile Gauntlet wheels. A nice finishing touch to a grueling, but rewarding project.

EV Tax Credit In Jeopardy

Those who like ’em big and loud like Volek are rather unaffected by this next tidbit of news. Those cheerleading the EV to catapult to stardom may need to wait a little longer. As of Sunday the 3rd, America’s tax credits for purchasing an EV still hang in the balance of political backroom dealings as the proposed tax overhaul sees further debate. The House’s proposed bill would eliminate the tax credit which can save EV owners around $7,000. The Senate’s counter proposal leaves the credit alone. On a state scale, eliminating the credit tanks EV sales. In Georgia, EVs dropped in sales from 1,400 cars per year to less than 100. Both sides of the aisle will look to reach an agreement later this week.

Around the Circuit

Speaking of EVs, Daniel Abt didn’t enjoy his first Formula E victory for long. A post-race inspection of his car revealed that he had broken FE regulations. Specifically, as the FIA states, barcodes on security stickers did not match those declared on the Technical Passport Abt provided. Though Sunday’s Hong Kong ePrix ultimately resulted in a DQ for the German driver, his team is expected to appeal the decision.

In more lighthearted NASCAR fare, Kyle Busch won the 2017 Snowball Derby. It was the late model event’s 50th anniversary. This is the second time Busch won the Derby, with his first coming in 2009.

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