Auto Industry News: Inflatable Hot Tub, Taco-Cummins Mini Swap & More

It’s amusing how one week of auto industry news can produce months worth of reading entertainment. A portable hot tub that can transform any backyard, small party or campsite from ordinary to extraordinary is atop the shopping list. A quadski all-terrain quad-bike that quickly shifts fun from land to water, without a doubt, secures the title of ultimate ride experience.

If that’s not enough, maybe a Cummins dually posing as part truck and part Greek god with killer stance and American Force wheels is more your style. And if size doesn’t matter then a Taco-Cummins mini swap will do the trick.

Lest not forget the coolest minivans to ever exist among the many quirky finds this week. According to Autoblog, “Minivans, to many, embody maturity and, in a way, surrender.” Yah, OK. Maybe sometimes. But disbelievers obviously never experienced what it’s like to be considered cool in a Volkswagen T2 hippie mobile or a Renault Espace F1 with an 800 horsepower 3.5 litre V10 that can burn rubber on a racetrack—too bad for you, it was a one-year anniversary van model.

On a Serious Note…

NMRA kicked off the season at Bradenton Motorsports Park this weekend. It goes without saying, drivers were spitting octane and ready to throw down a little muscle. Attending fans certainly received a show!

Autoblog released its “Best Concept Cars of 2o16”. But we stumbled upon something even better…a Ferrari-Ford hot rod mash up you never knew you wanted. This 1932 Ford underwent some serious changes.

“The most notable is the 3.0L Ferrari V8 engine that is mounted in the exposed snout. Not content with that splash of late 80’s Italian power, the builder added a pair of turbos to aid in breathing. This 1932 Ford now boasts an 8,500 rpm redline and an estimated 950 horsepower,” said Motor Authority. “Inside you’ll find a full roll cage, racing seats, and digital gauges. Outside, you’ll be happy to hear that the rear end features independent suspension and massive disc brakes. Up front, those drum brakes are actually hiding another set of disc clampers for proper stopping power,” continued Motor Authority. And it can be yours for an ultra-low $250,000.

An Autonomous What??

Just when ya thought you’ve witnessed it all, a seabubble flying water taxi takes city waterways by storm. Ingenious, it’s built of biodegradable materials, hovers above the water yet creates no waves at full speed and omits zero emissions since it operates via a battery propulsion system. And it’s in production for June 2017. The future is bright, or scary depending on what side of the fence you call home.

Until next week in auto industry news, don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.

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