Auto Industry News: Heart-Stopping Races & Show Season

Warning: The following auto industry news headlines contain heart-thumping excitement and life-threatening danger. A man of God escapes a fiery wreck with his life in tact. NASCAR’s archvillain fights off the entirety of the field. And summer’s show season provides butterfly-inducing looks into the past and future.

Fire, Brimstone, and Gasoline

More so than other preachers, when Jeff Knight tells churchgoers of “hellfire,” he knows what the heck he’s talking about. He’s lived it. The racing gods granted Knight his life last week when he escaped a massive explosion at Seattle’s Evergreen Speedway.

A fellow driver’s blown engine led to a terrifying three-car wreck and towering flames along the race’s first turn. The other two drivers involved, Tyler Tanner and Trenton Moriarty, got out of their cars quickly. But Knight was caught in an unavoidable fireball. Tanner was able to pluck Knight from the car before he received injuries worse than singed eyebrows. That, and a thoroughly good scare.

“A driver’s worst nightmare is fire,” Knight told the Seattle Times. Despite this, he is already back to work, spreading the Good News as he’s always done. These days, though, he’s “just a little more grateful.”

Busch Battles for Bristol Win

Kyle Busch is the man that all of NASCAR loves to hate. And in this week’s auto industry news, he went and did it again by capturing his second win of the season on Saturday at Bristol. Much to other drivers’ chagrin, it was Busch’s aggressive style that secured the Bass Pro Shops/NRA Night Race victory. He took a lead from young talent Erik Jones with 55 laps to go and fought him off for the duration.

The win completed the second sweep of Busch’s career. He also snagged wins in Wednesday’s Truck Series event and Friday’s Xfinity Series race. It also keeps him ahead of Kyle Larson in the overall standings, with whom he’s been battling for second place all season long.

Baja Moments

Don’t put away the shades because summer fun isn’t over. Not even close. There is still a long trail of top down, dust-kicking, off-road adventure ahead. Just ask the organizers of the SCORE Baja 1000. They announced that the 2017 Baja 1000, hosted in November, has added two new competition classes. The 1982 and older “Trailblazer” and the 1983 to 1992 “Innovator” classes will pay tribute to innovative off-road vehicles.

The classes, according to SCORE, are meant to enhance the vintage feel of the race. Vehicles in them are encouraged to be built similar to the way they existed at the height of their popularity. And off-road freaks are excited that another venue for their classic vehicles has opened. According to Jalopnik, the only major races to feature classics are the Mint 400 and the NORRA Mexican 1000. This is more than appropriate, considering that 2017 is the event’s 50th anniversary.

Auto Industry News – See You in Monterey

In more ways than one, Monterey Car Week embodies all of SoCal dreaminess. Hence enthusiast infatuation and why bloggers flock to Pebble Beach each year. Dreams comes true. Makers unveil concepts that have little to no chance of ever touching the road. (Some do as you’ll see below). Hardcore enthusiasts get the chance to walk among cars of generations past in pristine condition. And future vehicles get their first taste of fame—or infamy.

The oft rumored new VW bus is one of the highlights yet again in this week’s auto industry news. Car Week goers saw their first up-close and personal look at the revamped hippie wagon, and it did not disappoint. The electric motored tribute to a 60’s classic is flat out pretty interesting. And Car Week wasn’t short on other reveals either. Mercedes brought blueprints to life with the Maybach 6, and it’s the absolute epitome of luxury. The concept is massive at 20 feet long, but unlike previous Maybachs, it’s a drop top. And oh yeah, it’s electric! Noticing a pattern, here? Monterey Car Week concluded with the fan favorite Tour D’Elegance on Sunday.

Tune in with us next Monday, as our weekly auto industry news team explores the hottest topics and headlines.

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