Auto Industry News: Geneva Recap, Redneck Partayy, Rare Rides & More

At least once per day, our team considers a A-W-W-G (a world without Google). Responses range from anxiety and depression to allergic-type reactions—labored breathing, increased heart rate, sporadic twitching, cold sweats and a swollen tongue brought on by, of course, a loss for words. So it’s fitting to start this week’s auto industry news with a blast from the past.

To consider life before the King of Web Search is humbling because truthfully, we’re suckers for asking Google borderline ridiculous questions on a semi-regular basis. You know, those better suited for the modern-day Alexa. But seriously, all the pre-tech talk got us thinking. Whatever did we do before AOL dial-up, “Ask Jeeves”, Amazon or world dominance of Apple iTunes? Easy, we savored the classic simplicity of bookmobiles.

Showtime in Geneva

We jump from an early form of automobile to the array of modern marvels gracing various terrain today. The Geneva International Motor Show is a real treat, like finding 20 bucks wet and crinkled in the back pocket of freshly-washed pants. There was plenty of eye candy in every shape, size and color. But Auto Guide did a commendable job at giving a first-hand rundown of the top 10 stunners from the show.

Speaking of cars, you’d have to be blind to overlook the rise of the hatchback. We’re still bubbling with excitement about the release of the Ford Focus RS on American soil. But hold those britches because Honda unveiled its new Honda Civic Type R at Geneva, and it’s jaw-dropping good. Clearly, this 306 horsepower hot hatch is the Holy Grail of Honda Civics. Now, get us the keys!

No surprise, such advancements in autonomous driving have us wondering when regal events like the Geneva International Motor Show will be littered with prototypes of flying cars. The newest one, called Pop.Up, comes courtesy of a joint effort between two major names: Airbus and Italdesign. It’s a see-to-believe kind of design, so we’ll let the video do the talking.

Redneck Partayy

While FiTech and its pristine ‘57 big block are heading out to Goodguys Spring Nationals Scottsdale, a group of rowdy spring breakers are chuggin’ beers knee deep in mud at the Rednecks with Paychecks Spring Break 2017 this weekend. You know how parents drill mindfulness and maturity into their children like a jackhammer on a city street?

Think before acting, be careful of the company you keep, never drink and drive, refrain from snapping embarrassing picture or video that could come back to bite ya in the tookus or, even worse, land you in cuffs. While we get the distinct feeling spring breakers at this event tend to throw caution to the wind, we must admit Rednecks with Paychecks offers an enticing 4×4 scene.

Four days and four nights on 1200 acres surrounded by thick mud, rocks, live music and camping under the stars does get our wheels turning. An unimaginable amount of 4×4’s gather together to celebrate, well, redneck life. And it’s jam-packed with some of the most badass events around: mega truck racing, Barbie Jeep competitions, truck-to-truck tug of war and, yes, the annual bikini contest. Buggies, ATVs, UTVs and jacked up vehicles of all YMM’s fight for bragging rights in freestyle mud competition and hill-climbing challenges. There’s even a chili cook off, redneck tug of war (don’t ask) and a “tuff man” hot pepper competition.

And by the looks of video content below, You Tube sensation Kyle Katsandris should headline a Rednecks with Paychecks tour. The daredevil nailed a dangerous motocross jump over a freeway in Moreno Valley, California. In the words of famous comedian Ron White, “You can’t fix stupid.”

And the Highest Bidder is…

If the adrenaline-pumping events above are too much for your heart to handle and something a little more laid back is your pace then consider throwing your name in the hat for a rare car auction. “Minnesota auction company VanDerBrink Auctions will sell off the collection of over 700 vehicles Ron Hackenberger has amassed over the years. Everything will be sold at no reserve, and from what we can tell, even fans of the most unusual machines will be able to find something,” said Autoblog.

A few Honda N600s and Z600s, several Crosleys, an Isetta and a Goggomobil, as well as a Subaru 360 were spotted in the lot. In addition, expect “European classics such as British and Italian roadsters, and various French cars, including a number of Citroen DSs and 2CVs. There are plenty more typical, large American classics including Kaisers, Packards, and Hudsons. Peppered among the much older classics are some more recent vehicles. Two of the most famous, or infamous, gull-winged automobiles, a DeLorean and a Bricklin SV-1, appear in the garage. Hackenberger even has an Amphicar and a rear-engine Tatra from the former Czechoslovakia. The collection isn’t limited to cars, either. Several tractors and bumper cars are also part of the collection,” continued Autoblog.

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

Driving Line published an inspirational feature in honor of International Women’s Day; it has every chick beaming with pride and tapping into her inner gearhead.

Gearhead: “a devotee of cars, car racing” (; “a person who pursues mechanical or technological interests,” i.e., automobiles (Merriam-Webster Dictionary); “someone who is totally into cars and is very knowledgeable about how to modify and fix them” (Urban Dictionary).

Raw and inspiring, the feature removed the one-dimensional labels many women still fight against in modern society and stripped away any stereotype associated with being a gearhead. Because really, what dude doesn’t love a girl who knows her way around an engine bay? For sure, these talented ladies live the mantra “I can. I will. I did.”

Thus, it’s only fitting that we close out this week’s auto industry news with a Teraflex Jeep adventure set to the music of Dr. Seuss and “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”

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