Auto Industry News: Domino’s Ready for Court, Bronco Under Cover, Elon Musk Taking Hold of the Reins, and a STUNNING F-250 Build

Domino’s prepares to tango in the courtroom. We inch closer to a Ford Bronco release, one that’s anticipated to go right at the jugular of the almighty Jeep Wrangler. Elon Musk continues to plot taking over the world, one EV at a time. We catch a glimpse of a stunning F-250. And someone FINALLY puts a stop to Harvick’s success on the track… 

Domino’s Sues Over Pizza Car

This is one of those headlines that confirms we are, in fact, living in the weirdest time ever. Remember the Domino’s self-driving, pizza delivery car we once told you about? Well it’s now the center of a lawsuit that the notorious pizza chain filed against a YouTuber. You see, the DXP wasn’t supposed to be in the hands of the public. But YouTuber Samcrac, (real name Sam), built a Chevy Spark to resemble the DXP (company decals and pizza oven included). Claiming a violation of its trademark, Domino’s is likely to come out on top in this case, but Sam, at the very least, has brought into light the question of whether Mom and Pop pizza shops ever adapt to this strange technology.

UPS Gets Into the Game

Just in case you haven’t had your daily dosage of whatever whacky stuff Elon Musk is cookin’ up, know that the Tesla SEMI has already begun to make its influence known. As online shopping continues to skyrocket, cost effective and environmentally friendly shipping options will be in high demand. UPS took matters into their own hands when they recently announced that they will be building their own fleet of electric delivery trucks. In 2018, UPS will test the waters with 50 of the 100-mile range EVs, possibly beginning to replace their current army of 35,000 fuel injected vehicles.

Ford Bronco Teaser

This past week, Ford released a cryptic image of the new 2020 Ford Bronco. And based on its canvassed-covered silhouette, it looks to be what the Ford faithful have been hoping for. The new model appears true to its iconic boxy form, which was a genuine concern for many. It also has a spare wheel on the back, which might not seem too significant, but many interpret it as an indicator to the Wrangler that it is coming to play ball. There are also rumors that the Bronco will receive a solid front axle, leading to further speculation that its making a run at Jeep. And if all that wasn’t enough, here’s something FRESH from the rumor mill. The Bronco (allegedly), in some form or another, will be electric. Most likely an offshoot, but still.

F-250 “Frankenstein” Build

Brian, from South Dakota, built quite the mean machine with a disarmingly pretty shade of blue. The truck’s first life was as an F-100 used for work on Brian’s family’s ranch. But then he gave it a facelift (and body lift) with the help of a perfectly good F-250 frame. THEN he used the drivetrain of a ’93 Cummins to transform the truck from a bell cow to a certified WORKHORSE. In the back Brian, installed Dana 70s and leaf springs. In the front, there are Chevy Dana 44s with a 2005 Super Duty coil springs to support the weight of the Cummins. He also put a custom-made 50-gallon fuel tank in the bed to ensure it can work all day. In a world where we sometimes don’t know what new trucks are supposed to do anymore, this build is a breath of fresh air.

Around the Circuit

Martin Truex Jr. finally got back on track at Fontana on Sunday with his first victory of the season. Truex, last year’s champion, captured the Auto Club 400 with relative ease, knocking Kevin Harvick from his 3-week throne. He led for a total of 125 laps, while Harvick actually crashed into wall much earlier in the race, opening it up for the field. Next week: Martinsville!

In other racing news, Formula One has decided to launch an international streaming service. This seems to be the pathway for many international sports from soccer to wrestling, and Formula One is always ahead of the curve in building international appeal. F1 TV features 20 languages of commentary and commercial-free broadcasts and will officially launch with the start of the season.

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