ARB Weatherproof Elements Fridge

There is no arguing that the popularity of modern overlanding has greatly expanded over the past few years.  Entire builds, divisions, and companies have seized on the growing ground that sits neatly between camping and off-roading.  What had its roots in classic vehicles like the Land Rover Discovery, G-Class, and older Jeeps has trickled down into modern SUVs, mid-sized trucks, and even full-size pick-ups (like this insane Hellwig/Nissan build).  On a parallel course of popularity has been the extreme cooler segment.  Brands like Yeti and RTIC have capitalized on the previously sparse offerings in the high-end cooler market.  But while those are great products, there is still a need for something even more powerful and functional in the overlanding space. Well here it is—the ARB Weatherproof Elements Fridge.

Elements Fridge

ARB has quite a history of manufacturing high-end off-road and camping products.  Based in Australia (where the term ‘overlanding’ was coined), ARB knows a thing or two about traveling far off the beaten path.   The Elements Fridge joins their line of 37-82 Qt. offerings, but with a black and metallic look, this unit is a brawny departure from their previous design.  Three years in the making, the Elements Fridge has a bevy of features I wish my Kenmore had at home.   Steel construction, a gas strut, and an electronic locking system are just a few of the niceties boasted by this fridge–check out the laundry list of features below!


Elements Fridge Exterior Features

• Unique infinite position gas strut – will hold lid open in any position
• Weatherproof control panel
• Main body and lid constructed from 304 grade stainless steel with raised feature forming and embossed
ARB logos on both sides of the cabinet
• Strong ASA protective corner pieces on main body and lid
• Anodized aluminum latches
• Heavy duty tamperproof cast stainless steel hinges (non-removable lid)
• Concealed front and rear carry handles
• Recessed rear AC and DC power sockets
• Recessed rear remote monitor transmitter positioned to be protected from the weather
• ASA vents including ARB branding
• Tamperproof bolts for permanent mount options and added security
• Provision for padlock – added security (padlock not supplied)


Elements Fridge

Interior Features

• Weatherproof control panel
• Evaporator height increased which also surrounds both primary and secondary compartments (no longer
a dairy section)
• Cool zone now extends throughout entire internal cabinet
• Reversible basket with removable divider
• New slimline LED rear facing interior light
• Increased fridge cabinet insulation thickness
• Cavity recess for lid gas strut including rear drain channel
• Front cabinet position drain plug
• All white internal cabinet
• Black cabinet top and lid interior

Control Panel Features

• Tamperproof when locked (function keys are concealed by the lid when close)
• 4-digit pin code protected electronic locking system
• Locked/unlocked warning
• Dimmable display
• Backlit keypad for easy use at night
• DC voltage supply readout – let’s the operator know what voltage the fridge is receiving
• °C or °F

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