First-To-Market…AGAIN – Anzo GMC Sierra Switchback LED Headlights

What vehicle modification makes the biggest impact for the least amount of effort and cash? Ask any vehicle customizer out there, from a large custom shop to a do-it-yourself’er, and they’ll tell you.  Swapping out inferior halogen headlight assemblies with more stylish and better performing LED technology is the way to go.  Anzo, a longtime leader in LED lighting, is once again first to market with a new application and implementation of LED.  Now available are two “switchback” headlight assemblies for the newest generation of GMC Sierra pickup trucks.

Switchy-What Now?

Switchback.  Switchback LED can be described as a single element that can toggle or switch between two colors.  LED is so wildly popular for the following reasons:

  • BIG light output
  • Small footprint
  • Minimal current draw on electrical systems
  • Highly efficient, giving off very little wasted energy in the form of heat

If you take all that into consideration you can see why LED technology has found its way to the front of a Ford Fusion, and your family’s flashlights.  Add the color-changing capabilities of switchback LED, and you change the game entirely.   A sleek white LED daytime running light, can now flash amber as a turn signal.  Multitasking.

The Specifics:

Anzo offers two options for the 2014-2017 Sierra 1500/ 2015-2017 Sierra 2500/3500 HD pickups.  They are functionally the same and differ only in the color of the housing.  Part #111371 offers a murdered-out black look, while #111372’s housing is chrome.  Bot are DOT compliant and street legal, and are easy to install with basic hand tools.  No cutting or splicing of wires is required, simply plug them into the truck’s wiring after removing the factory assembly.  The”plank” style white running light will flash amber during turning and hazard light function.

Anzo GMC Sierra Switchback LED Headlights

Follow the link below to view or print a PDF that you can take to your local automotive aftermarket specialist. Tell him you want Anzo Switchbacks in your Sierra. Don’t get left in the dark.

Anzo Switchback LED Headlight for New Body Sierra PDF


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