Anderson Composites adds some HOOD to your C6

Carbon fiber is everywhere these days.  It saves weight, looks great, and bolsters the rigidity of whatever application it’s used for. The carbon fiber craze in the automotive industry started in high-end exotics to save weight but for better or worse, it’s trickled down into the economy market.  Unfortunately, sometimes it can look a bit tacky.

No one’s really looking to save weight on a mid-sized family sedan, so the carbon look is for aesthetics alone.  And while some manufacturers do it tastefully, some go a bit overboard.  Plus, the cheap aftermarket knock-off carbon fiber looking plastic and wraps don’t strengthen its clout in the aftermarket.  But that being said, there still isn’t anything that comes close in style and class to a finely crafted carbon fiber body panel on a sports car or exotic.  Anderson Composite is a name you need to know in this category.  And their line of Corvette C6 Hoods ooze elegance and refinement.

Anderson Composite C6 Hood


Anderson Composites–The Kings of Carbon

Anderson Composite is the premier name in late-model domestic carbon components.  Every one of their hoods, trunk lids, spoilers, and other products use only the highest grade carbon fiber and materials.  Located in sunny southern California, Anderson Composites fields an extensive in-house R&D team.  Taking pride in every piece they craft, their devotion to creating pieces that look and fit beautifully is unmatched in the industry.  Their pieces are used in vehicles all over the world and it’s easy to see why.

The C6 hoods feature a unique “Wet Carbon Fiber” look.  To achieve this they use 3k, 2×2 twill weave carbon fiber and Anderson Composites’ proprietary Vacuum Infusion Process.  The resin is introduced to the mold in liquid form to get that beautiful glossy, “wet” finish.  These hoods mount with OE hardware and fit any 2005-2013 C6 Corvette.

Three C6 styles are available:


“World Challenge”


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