All-New Trektop NX and JL Additions

Blend words are words created by taking two other words and merging them in to a creative new one while still retaining the individual word’s meanings. We’ve been using some of them for so long, we’ve forgotten that they are actually blends. “Smog” came from “smoke” and “fog”, “brunch” came from “breakfast” and “lunch”, and “cyborg” as we all know came from Cyberdyne Systems. Bestop manufactures Jeep tops, and like their name suggests, perhaps the best available. FCA thinks so, as Bestop is the OEM supplier for all soft tops on the Jeeps that roll out of toledo. Bestop just announced the All-New Trektop™ NX in their JK lineup, and an exciting offering on the horizon for the JL Wrangler.

All-New Trektop NX:  The Backstory

Previously Bestop offered 4 complete top systems. This new change trims that offering to 3. The Trektop Pro™ continues as the top of the line, hybrid hard/soft top. It has glass windows and hard top functionality, but allows you to run nearly naked in just minutes. The Trektop NX Glide™ was introduced at the SEMA show in 2017, and will also continue in the lineup. It offers full open-air driving, and is the first completely zipperless soft top on the market.

All-New Trektop
The “Hybrid” Trektop Pro – Soft Top with Hard Top Features

In creating the NX Glide, they saw a way to bring a few improved features  their entry level Trektop NX, so in 2017 they also introduced the step-up Trektop NX Plus. The Plus model offered an in-seat sunrider option. Simply reach up, undo the header latches, and fold back the top covering the front seats. Instant open air driving! Up until September 1, Bestop had been offering both the NX and the NX plus. They’ve decided to no longer offer the lesser-featured model, and to rebrand the the NX Plus, as the “All-New Trektop NX”. It will retain all of the Trektop NX Plus’ features.

All-New Trektop NX

Sunrider for Hardtop: JL Edition

One of Bestop’s most popular products is the Sunrider™ for Hardtop. This first-of-it’s-kind product replaces the “Freedom Panels”, the part of a 2007+ Wrangler’s hard top that protects the front seats. It provides instant access to open-air driving, and instant access to shelter if the weather should turn inclement.  Bestop has announced that the Sunrider for Hardtop will soon be available for the 2018+ JL Wrangler.

All-New Trektop
Sunrider for Hardtop, shown on a JK

JL Part numbers will be :

52452-17  Black Diamond Fabric
52452-35 Black Twill Fabric
Stay tuned here for ETA~
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