5 of the Wildest, Wackiest, & WORST Mini Truck Builds Part II

Welcome back. We hope you spent the interim wisely, brushing up on all things tubular to get yourself in the mindset for all things mini truck. As we said in our last piece, they remain a divisive topic for some people. But whether you love ’em or hate ’em, they remain a colorful part of automotive history.

So again, whether you think mini trucks are like, totally bitchin’ or gnarly to the max, here are five more of the wildest, wackiest, and [worst] builds to get you reminiscing for a simpler and much weirder time.


There’s nothing cooler than bringing two trends together to form one unbelievable ride. The problem is finding two that go well together. Justin Haas hit the drawing boards with a vision of something part rat-rod and part mini truck. Within time, he whipped up a delicious recipe for his tired 1982 S10. Between the Jeep front end and the army green paint job riding on the chassis, this thing has mini-rat truck written all over it, especially on the keg.

Jennifer Reynolds 1998 Nissan Frontier

Jennifer Reynolds slapped together this purple-people-eating machine with her husband after a life spent sharing the same passion. This build features the front suspension of a 1986 Toyota, the rear end of a 2003 Silverado fitted with a track bar and a 2-link set-up. All of that is wrapped up into the body of a 1998 Frontier, which bears a bright purple paint scheme and a ’90s graphic that’ll keep your attention for a long, long time.

1970 Flxible Bus

Mini truckin’ with your best buds is what it’s all about. So, what’s the best carpool plan to bring all your pals out for the next big event? Obviously, you pile them into a bus, right? But an ordinary bus just won’t do—it has to be mini-trucked out. And that’s exactly what the guys at Go-EZ Inc. were thinking when they bagged their 1970 Flxible Bus. It’s not mini and it’s far from small, but we’ve got to tip our hats in recognition of the raised eyebrows it elicited from us.

All Eyes on Jimmy

In the spirit of bleeding eyes, we must look at Derrick Shelton’s 1989 GMC Jimmy. This bright yellow SUV is slammed to the ground and sports some pretty trick wheels. With a paint job reminiscent of the glorious 1990s, people can’t help but to do a double take at this ride. Notice the eyes poking out of the hood. They belong to a small block stroker ready to whip that grin right off your face.

Chad Copeland’s 1973 Datsun Drift Truck

The mini-truck craze may have hit a low point, but it’s not dead. Take a look at Chad Copeland’s 1973 Datsun 620. This truck has been heavily modified from front to back in the name of serious performance. The engine is a Nissan SR20DET, its rear suspension is all out, and the transmission tunnel utilizes the body of a wheel barrow. It may have been crowned the Hooniversal Car of the Year back in 2010, but it’s still certainly the wildest performance mini truck around.

So there you have it, folks. Whether you’re impressed, scratching your head in wonder, or questioning the future of the human race, these rigs exist and they’ve got a following. Only time will tell if a mini truck revolution is on the horizon.

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