Vehicle Spotlight: 2018 Subaru Crosstrek is Ready for Adventure

We are in the midst of what is affectionately referred to as “cuffing season,” friends. When the cold comes to ruin our lives, we seek the love and warmth of another, forging both long-lasting and finite relationships. We’re programmed for such bonds to sustain life. So, now might be the perfect time to tell you that the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek will make you fall in love again.

Made for Adventure

And not to sound lascivious, but for starts, it certainly passes the eye test. It is a wagon that is fit for action and dresses the part. It has an aesthetic reminiscent of older Outback models, but a contemporary ruggedness that is undeniably alluring. It is tailored to suit the needs of the adventurer. The roof rack rails are ready for any challenge. It comes with a roll-up cargo cover for lengthy voyages. The duel monitor system inside will take overlanders (yes, you heard that correctly) where they need to go and will entertain while doing it. Its carpet floor trim with vinyl/rubber mats don’t care about muddy or snowy boots. When looking at it, one might forget that it starts at only $22,710. A true beauty inside and out. Grab that roof-top tent and put it in drive.

But pretty as it may be, the Crosstrek is even more than a sight for sore eyes. It was made to perform. First of all, it comes standard with all-wheel drive. That alone should scream Let’s get the hell out there! The Crosstrek’s 8.7 inches of ground clearance, 18 degrees of approach angle, 29 degrees of departure angle, and 19.7 degrees of breakover angle offer drivers some breathing room for intense activity. Wherever adventure takes you, whether that be through the hills or the snow, it will gladly take you. It sits on 17″ x 7.0 aluminum alloy wheels and holds a spare under the cargo space if things get really nutty.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

And for everything the Crosstrek can do, it maintains a reasonable fuel economy at 23 MPG city and 29 MPG highway (25 MPG combined). The tank is moderately sized at 16.6 gallons, making for efficient getaways and impromptu trips to the wilderness. And for those who actually like to plan ahead, there is 55.3 cubic feet of cargo space up to the front seat, and the cargo box area is 29 inches high. When all five seats are utilized there is 100.9 cubic feet of space with 39.8  inches of headspace and 43.1 inches of leg room.

The 2018 Crosstrek has a 152 hp 2.0L/122 engine. The manual 6 speed comes standard, which is a really nice touch, considering the Crosstrek is the sort of vehicle folks will want to actually drive, and Subaru was sure to bridge that gap between human and machine. Not only that, it’s got 145 lb-ft of torque. Plenty for cross country journeys and spontaneous missions. Also, the Crosstrek even has some towing chops. It may not look like it, but the vehicle itself is just short of 3200 lbs. And the dead weight hitch max capacity is 1500 lbs. This bulldog of a crossover is proof that good things do in fact come in small packages.

Crosstrek Numbers Don’t Lie

Infatuation is a dangerous thing. And most of us are guilty of impulse buys, especially when it comes to our vehicles. We see something that can even potentially improve performance or outdo a current setup, we’re chomping at the bit. Hell, some of us are guilty of buying aftermarket products solely because they look cool (uh umm, Mall Crawlers with Grumpers that never see dirt). But consider this: In 2016, Subaru sold 100,000 Crosstreks, so you know its loveable qualities are universal and real. The 2018 Crosstrek is smart, looks good, and is insanely reliable. It’s one you can confidently bring home to…Mom.

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