2018 Planning Doesn’t Have to be a SNORE

This is the first of multiple features dedicated to 2018 planning to be published right here on The Engine Block. Topics such as organization, evaluation, goal setting, networking, and execution will be covered throughout the first quarter because, let’s face it, sometimes even the best planners get a late start. Don’t roll those eyes and get ready to hit the snooze button. Proper planning is critical to business growth, whether you run a repair shop, a retail storefront, a junk yard, or an online store. We promise the commentary will be equal parts informative and entertaining. 

A goal without a plan is only a wish, and wishes don’t pay the bills. It may sound like a harsh reality check, but it’s true. “You think the New England Patriots or the Golden State Warriors head into the new season [or any game for that matter] without a plan? You imagine that Apple or Amazon or Airbnb just continue on their merry way without figuring out where they want to go next and how they will get there?” said Bill Fotsche and John Case, co-writers of a Forbes feature titled Six Tips for Planning a Great 2018. “Careful planning is essential to sustained business success. It defines winning for the next 12 months. It gives you—and everyone in your company—a road map for decision making. It helps you figure out where to invest, and how much,” continued Fotsche and Case.

In addition to doing industry homework, defining a goal, getting customers active in the planning process, and tapping into employees as true resources, shop owners also need to make sure the plan is crystal clear, measurable, and written down to serve as a basis for proper strategic planning. Focus on quarterly deliverables, establish short and long-range goals, and follow the candid advice of a seasoned aftermarket professional. “How to Plan for 2018? Set goals, set goals, set goals…develop a plan, execute the plan, and hold yourself accountable,” explained Bennett Jackson of Husky Liners.

Tune In for 2018 Planning

Join us next Wednesday as we dive into 2018 planning details with Jackson, a man who knows a thing or two about elevating a brand to any entirely new level. This Q&A isn’t something you’ll want to miss!

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