12 Enthusiast-Geared Car Podcasts to Start Streaming NOW

Remember those 10 automotive podcasts we recommended last year? Well, it seems ya’ll really liked it, so we’re back with a whopping TWELVE enthusiast-geared, horsepower-driven podcasts for your listening pleasure. That’s right, friends. We’re giving you two whole bonus pods (a perfect pastime for working off all that extra turkey).

While it doesn’t include all the truly great and original content out there, we’ve managed to cover most of the bases. And at the very least, you now have hours of materials to keep you sane during the next holiday get-together when Uncle Rudy instigates a family feud over his musings on current foreign policy. (You’re welcome, by the way.)

Without further ado, here are 12 more podcasts you should be adding to your digital library.

The MuscleCar Place

If you’re a fan of muscle cars, hot rods, and performance tuning, you might just find a home at the MuscleCar Place. Weekly episodes break down news, trends, listener questions, and aftermarket product recommendations with insight from industry leaders like Holley Performance, TRAXXAS, QA1 Performance, Hot Rod Magazine, and more.

Looking for some good car podcasts? Check out the MuscleCar Place.MuscleCar Place tackles questions like “Are classic car history reports worth it?” and unpacks real challenges that enthusiasts face, like finding the best places to buy affordable parts. Host Rob Kibbe started the show in 2009 and his good-natured and authentic passion has allowed it to grow into the leading muscle car podcast on the web.

If 300+ episodes of inspirational and educational automotive content doesn’t satisfy you, check out the network’s website for links to its other bi-monthly shows, including the Kibbe and Finnegan Show with Mike Finnegan of Roadkill fame.

Motor Sport Magazine Podcast

If traditional motor racing is more your thing and you enjoy the dulcet tones of a soothing British accent, check out the Motor Sport Magazine Podcast. Featuring the editorial team of the renowned magazine of the same name, this show dishes all the dirt on Formula 1. As one happy listener puts it, “These guys are the journalistic giants of motorsport. No drama, no tabloids, just discussions about racing from those who know it inside and out.”

From quick history lessons to in-depth interviews—and over 200 episodes of listening material—Motor Sport Magazine’s podcast offers the expert motorsport news you’ve been craving.

The TrailChasers Podcast

But maybe you prefer your car podcasts with a more traditional American bent. Something that touches base with the people on the ground, not on the pedestals, and puts a little hard-earned mud on the tires. Look no further than the TrailChasers Podcast.

TrailChasers’ weekly content unpacks the stories and adventures of its own fans on social media. Average people who lead average lives but share an unquenchable thirst for all things off-road and outdoor. Great for both beginner and expert trail riders, the show covers everything from technical tips to inspirational chase-your-adventure stories. Fans of off-roading, overlanding, and the almighty Jeep will love this podcast and its community of listeners. And with only 46 episodes to date, you can get caught up for the next release in no time!

Down and Dirty Radio Show

Rock crawling too slow for you? If you’re looking to kick up some serious dirt, head on over to the Down and Dirty Radio Show. As the #1 action motorsports radio show on the planet, host Jim Beaver covers everything happening in the world of off-road, rally, drifting, motocross, and snocross through interviews with some of the biggest names in the motorsports world.

While the show does air live on the radio, it’s reproduced as a podcast for those who can’t always tune in. And with over 300 episodes, there’s plenty of content to keep your road trips anything but dull. If you’re a blossoming racer seeking sponsorship or just a general fan, this show guarantees the insight you seek.

The Scene Vault Podcast

If what you crave is more NASCAR, check out The Scene Vault Podcast. Host Rick Houston, author of seven books on NASCAR, unpacks the sport’s greatest moments by diving deep into the famous stories that have defined it. He and co-host, legendary motorsports reporter Steve Waid, interview NASCAR veterans like Junior Johnson, Rusty Wallace, Ned Jarrett, and Bobby Allison, discussing their successes and hardships through candid conversations. Anyone interested in the history of NASCAR, who loved the NASCAR Scene weekly magazine, or is just itching for a well-planned trip down memory lane needs to add this to their weekly lineup.

B Squad Hotrod

‘Everyday enthusiast seeks charming amateurs to break down the nuts and bolts of hot rod building, repair, and restoration.’ If that classified speaks to your soul, hit up the B Squad Hotrod podcast.

The B Squad Hotrod podcast is hosted by true enthusiasts.
1938 Terraplane Project Car belonging to podcaster Nick (Lefty) 

This show follows two sets of brothers/one set of friends Steve, Brad, Colt, and Nick—better known as Woodchuck, Hollywood, Train, and Lefty—as they navigate the mechanical world of hot rod enthusiasm. A funny and enlightening show for noobs and veterans alike, fire up this pod with a cold beer and your closest wrenching buddy.

The Diesel Podcast

Friends and family having trouble accepting your diesel lifestyle? Feel like no one understands your need to geek out over nasty Duramax builds? Don’t worry fam, The Diesel Podcast’s got your back. Enthusiast-driven and enthusiast-hosted, this diesel-lovin’ podcast serves up interviews, updates, reviews, events, and more. With nearly 150 episodes to date and a stellar 5-star rating on iTunes, you can’t afford to miss this one.

Driving While Awesome

Hosts and friends Lane Skelton, Warren Madsen, Bryan McQueen, and Art Cervantes dish up a fun, diverse, and informative twice-weekly podcast for car lovers everywhere. Established in 2006 as a 24 Hours of LeMons team, Driving While Awesome evolved into a podcast to keep the good times rollin’. Covering everything from classic Chevys to dirt bike racing, DWA has over 400 episodes of car-loving content to keep you laughing and learning (and laughing some more) for hours.

Engine Noise

The Engine Noise podcast will appeal to DIY car lovers everywhere.What was that…? Engine Noise is the podcast for car lovers who aren’t afraid of a few dirty jobs. Covering a broad range of automotive topics, this podcast is for the DIYer—both novice and veteran.

Hosts Jeremy and Matt (one- an expert, the other- a newbie) break down everything they know—and are still learning—about auto repair. Episodes are released on the 1st and 15th of every month, and while still relatively new, the show is already a hit with listeners. Check it out and decide for yourself.


As part of the Peterson Automotive Museum, the CarStories podcast delivers a varied and detailed overview of car culture and the industry it supports. From in-depth interviews with celebrities to one-on-one Q&As with aftermarket enthusiasts, this podcast strives to cover the full gamut of auto passion. Great for anyone looking for high-quality and educational content, with hundreds of episodes to choose from.

Driven Car Reviews

If you’re in the market for a sweet new ride, these last two auto-themed podcasts are for you. Driven Car Reviews checks in with Emmy Award-winning automotive journalist Tom Voelk to cover an ocean of makes and models, from the new Ford F-150 to the McLaren 720S.

Voelk’s style is casual, entertaining, and impeccably professional, giving listeners the full run-down without any fluff. Often reporting from major industry events like SEMA and the LA Auto Show, Voelk’s podcast is a must-listen for anyone eager to know what the OEs are up to.

Car Pro

If the thought of shopping for a new car has you running for the hills, give the Car Pro a listen. This award-winning podcast is the most popular auto advice show in the country, serving up weekly episodes of no-nonsense insight on the car buying process. Hosts Jerry Reynolds and Kevin McCarthy give honest, straightforward insight on everything from financing to salesman lingo, providing a peek behind the dealership curtain. The show normally airs live on the radio, but interested car lovers can find it reproduced online as a podcast.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite gearhead podcasts are and we’ll be sure to give them a listen!

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