Tech Corner: TCI Diablo Shifter Is a Thing of Beauty

Every second counts. That’s why automatic transmissions are often the transmission of choice when it comes to drag racing. When set up properly, the shift speeds can be unreal, making any car untouchable. Sporting a proper shifter makes all the difference when it comes to having the proper configuration. TCI Automotive has been a leader in transmission accessories, including automatic transmissions, since 1968. And their new Diablo shifter is likely the most user-friendly design they’ve released thus far.

The Diablo shifter is an honest-to-goodness work of art. The entire assembly is of solid construction, including a die-cast aluminum shift lever. The styling of the complete system is perfection and is designed to fit the hand beautifully.

Form AND Function

On their site, TCI advertises the Diablo shifter as the most versatile available on the market. What makes this a true statement is the patent-pending design they’ve used in its construction. Diablo doesn’t rely on the use of gate plates. It can be easily adjusted in order to fit any popular automatic transmission. It can be used with 2, 3, 4, or even 6 speed transmissions with a forward or reverse shift pattern.

The Diablo shifter can be ordered with a lightweight aluminum housing or without it if the owner wants to mount it to the vehicle’s existing console. The housing itself comes with either a two-tone, black-and-silver finish, or it can be blacked depending on styling preferences. Everything the consumer needs comes right out of the box, regardless of the vehicle and transmission setup.

As mentioned, they can be used for a range of transmission speeds. This is incredibly helpful in conjunction with the fact that everything one needs to set the shifter up with a GM, Ford, or Chrysler transmission is on hand. Though it may cover a wide range of applications and combinations, it isn’t truly universal. Rather, it’s limited to these manufacturers’ designs. That still doesn’t take any points away from the innovations of TCI, or the usefulness of this design.

Pick Your Poison

The users of these fine products will have two handles to choose between when selecting this shifter setup. They can be fitted with a standard handle that conforms to the hand nicely or TCI’s two-button design. For serious applications, it’s worth going to the double button setup. Most drag cars have more than just one system modification that relies on auxiliary switches. Having two on the shifter means one can have the line lock and nitrous switch or a similar combination at their fingertips at all times.

These units typically retail from around $300-$440, depending on the exact part number chosen. This price is incredibly reasonable considering the range of applications covered. If one switches the vehicle or opts to another transmission, then they won’t have to reinvest in a whole new shifter. TCI brings impressive quality to street muscle with this product. Share your install pics with us below!

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