MBRP Cat Back JL Wrangler Exhaust Systems

As legendary as the MBRP name is in the Diesel world, MBRP has a stainless reputation with the Jeep crowd. Pun Intended. The JK Wrangler (07-18) was well covered with both exhaust and exterior protection product from MBRP/Off-Camber Fabrications. Today I bring you three new exhaust offerings for the JL Wrangler. Technically, it’s really one offering with three different build materials, allowing you to pick the best MBRP JL Wrangler exhaust system for your needs.

MBRP High Clearance JL Wrangler Exhaust Systems

Let me first discuss what all of these systems have in common. All three systems feature 2.5″ mandrel-bent tubing. Performance 101 taught me and most other gear heads, that it’s all about air flow. The faster we can get air into and out of an engine, the more combustion we can create. A mandrel-bent exhaust allows for effortless outflow, especially with larger than OE tubing. They are also Cat Back exhaust systems.

Don’t Take That Tone With Me, Mister!!!

It used to be the muscle car guys but now it’s the Subis and Chevy Cruzes that rattle your coffee out of it’s cup holder at the red light. I love a loud exhaust. My neighbors and co-workers might not feel the same way. These new JL Wrangler exhaust systems from MBRP are moderate in note. A nice mellow exhaust tone, one that says, “Yeah, it’s aftermarket,” without getting you evicted from your apartment complex. Make sure to check out the video below and hear for yourself!

Witness the Relocation

These systems feature a relocated muffler, up out of the way of harmful rock and trail debris. That extra clearance can go a long way when deciding on what line to take when navigating off-road.

So, now you know what these great new JL Wrangler Exhaust Systems from MBRP have in common. The three part numbers below are identical systems with just different fabrication.

S5531304 – 2.5″ T304 Stainless

S5531409 – 2.5″ T409 Stainless

S551AL – 2.5″ Aluminized Steel


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