Extreme Makeover: F-150 Air Design Edition: VIDEO

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I can’t recall the exact tipping point, but at some point scripted TV shows began a slow and steady decline. Gradually they were replaced by lower-cost (and lower brow) “reality” shows. Perhaps it was when Puck was voted out of the house on Real World San Francisco in September of ’94? Shortly after that came all the “makeover” shows; people, homes, and eventually vehicles. One thing we learned from the makeover shows is that with a excellent planning and design, dramatic changes in appearance can happen in a short period of time. That is exactly the philosophy at Air Design. Air design body kits can transform a muscle car or pickup truck into a show-quality show stopper. A reality star…

Air Design Body Kit – One Day Transformation

Check out this time lapse video, shot at Keystone Automotive’s headquarters in Exeter, Pa. Billy Longfellow, Vice President of Design for Air Design, shipped a pallet (light enough to be lifted by two non-athletic adult males) to Keystone prior to his arrival. A local Ford dealer provided the canvas, a 2018 F-150 SuperCrew. Other than a mild lift kit, Raptor-esque decals and aftermarket wheels and tires, this truck was stock and rather plain looking. It took less than 5 hours to overhaul, pimp, and rehab this truck. That 5 hour span included a hands-on training session for Keystone’s Pa sales team. Actual milage may vary, but suffice it to say that with an Air Design body kit you can radically improve the look of your ride in less than a day.

Part No. KFO25D09 – Full Kit

Air Design Body Kits

Air Design Body Kits

Air Design Body Kits


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